The Lingerie Football League is DEFINITELY a Man’s Idea

Yesterday a friend of mine made a facebook status regarding the new Lingerie Football League (LFL) in Regina. She wanted to know whether or not the athletes were paid. I, of course, jumped in and said that they were definitely not paid for their participation and went on to complain about how I think the whole idea of the LFL is a joke. That’s when my other girlfriend piped up and said, “blog about it!” So you can blame her for this rant, not me!

I decided to do some research into this so-called league. Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot of information on it. What I did find was a bunch of banter from people about how the women are ugly and how Regina is ghetto. I even managed to find a bunch of comments between a Reginian and a Winnipeger arguing over which city was worse. Anyway, lets get the facts straight. The LFL originated after a half-time show gave some hillbilly the idea. There are only 3 teams in Canada (Regina being one, the others in Toronto and Abbotsford B.C.) to add to the numerous U.S. teams that make up the league. The players do not get paid. There is a charge for tickets. They are required to wear lingerie, bikinis, garters, etc. They do have practices. They are limited to the amount of padding and protective gear they wear.

Just by looking at some of the comments made by people on threads, I really don’t think I have to say much here to prove my point that this league is extremely sexist and degrading. “I love my small-town-feelin city, but we aren’t exactly known for having hot women. 28 women tried out for the team on March 31. And honestly, the women aren’t as bad as most people were expecting. They definitely aren’t hot though. The ones that don’t have guts have no boobs. This is just such an embarrassment for our city. We are already known as the butthole of Canada (well, besides Winnipeg) and these chicks are just making us look worse. I hope this team folds in the new years…or purchases their players some +2s and nose jobs” I think that pretty much says it all. No one is taking this league seriously besides the players.

The main idea behind this league is using sex to make money. There’s no other way to explain it. Regina HAS a female football league, the WWCFL in which women, with the athletic ability, and proper protection, get out and play REAL football. LFL is a smack in the face to those already involved in the WWCFL league. It is basically telling women that they only way to play football and be recognized is to do it in their underwear. Forget being athletically talented, you must show your tits and have your hoo-ha hanging out.

In the thread that proceeded after my friends facebook status, one person left a comment that said, “Maybe Durrant could have a chance in the league” or something to that effect. He’s referring to the Rider’s current QB who has been shitting the bed in the past 4 games that we loss. But it’s interesting to see that this person, in a likely harmless manner with no intent, proved my point again. That “shitty” players would have a chance in this league. That when a male player is performing poorly, he is equated with women. See where I’m getting at?

Now I’ve already done my rant on the LFL on facebook a while back when the issue was first publicised. So to be honest, I’m sort of out of steam. That and I’m currently suffering from a head cold and finding it extremely difficult to concentrate knowing there’s one more issue I’d like to write about today. But you can look at the following link of an interview that a prof of mine from UofR did. I’m on par with her. And also, just for fun, I’ve attached a pic of the LFL founder. Classy looking dude.

Check out the douchebag…okay founder of the LFL. Yeah, he’s the dude in the un-buttoned while collared shirt and orange skin.

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