I Am Canadian

Around this time of year, I start to see a lot of posts on Facebook about keeping the “Christ” in “Christmas”. Most recently I saw a photo that said, “Merry Christmas and welcome to Canada”. This really got me thinking, what does Christmas mean to me as a Canadian?

I was never baptized, I never went to church; I grew up believing that there was some sort of God but I didn’t know what it was. I believed that everything had a soul, or energy. I believed in an after-life, not necessarily a heaven. I believed bad people would be punished. But Christmas never meant a trip to church, prayers, or anything really to do with Christ. For me, it was about seeing my family, giving gifts, receiving gifts, decorating our tree, and relaxing. There has never been a religious tie with the holiday. I see it to be more of a cultural thing. We hear the music and see the decor in the stores, the sales are on, we all look forward to a few days off of work or school. It’s really a time where you give a little but more, and take a little less.

So why the push for keeping the Christ in Christmas when many Canadians themselves are not Christian?

Historically, First Nations people would be considered the first people of Canada. They weren’t Christian. Then a few boat loads of white Europeans immigrated here. I put the emphasis on immigration so people really think about where they came from (specifically how they would have wanted their Grandparents and Great Grandparents treated when coming to a new country for a new start for their families). When they came they took shit over, I suppose that’s when you could say Canada really took a turn to Christianity and Christmas would have started to be celebrated. A few hundred years later and here we stand, as a nation, still relying on immigration for our population growth. We never really turned our backs to immigration, and Canada has always boasted about its multiculturalism. Unlike our Southern counterparts, we promote integration, not assimilation. We tried assimilation before, it didn’t work out so well (not that it ever does).

More recently, I would say in the past 20 years, there has been a change in immigration trends. Instead of seeing the typical white-Europeans, we see more people from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa calling Canada their new home. What’s the problem right? Well typically Europeans tend to be Christian (along with most of the North/South American continents) while the rest of the WORLD tend to be something else. Remember people, the Muslim religion is almost as prevalent as different sects of Christianity and Catholicism, not to mention the billions who consider themselves neither of these and a member or something else – even if that means nothing at all…oooo confusing. And other religions tend to be pretty cool. If you remove all of the bullshit the media has taught you about what it is to be Muslim, you would realize there are a lot of admirable qualities in that religion, such as Ramadan. Imagine an entire month of fasting, only eating at night, not even having a sip of water during the day, no smoking, no drinking, no listening to music, basically no doing anything that God has granted to you while being extra nice to everyone and give, give, giving. Now THAT takes some serious devotion.

So when did Canadians become so high and mighty thinking our white ideals reign supreme over every one elses? Who gives a fuck whether you get to say Merry Christmas or not? Unless you’re one of those people who are terrified of change, in that case, good luck, you’re in for a lifetime of disappointment and fear. Do you know how many Muslims have wished me Merry Christmas? TONS! They don’t give a shit. But by saying “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” you’re showing your respect for others who may not think the same way you do. And if you’re Christian, shouldn’t be that one of the fundamentals of your entire life?

So stop it, seriously, cause you look stupid and ignorant.



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