Conspiracy Theories

What happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday is undoubtedly a terrible and heinous crime. It’s sad to say that in only 27 years of life, I’ve witnessed some incredibly horrifying things that have left thousands of people disfigured, amputated, or dead. I suppose this is a reality for every generation, but in a world that seems to be pushing more towards the greater good, there sure is an awful lot of bad things happening.

What makes these situations worse though, are the people who start pointing fingers, take sides, judge, jump to conclusions, or believe every detail the media feeds them. Some people are already uttering the words terrorism. A sure sign that the U.S. did a really great job and instilling fear into their nation, and the world, after 9/11. A bomb goes off and right away, people are pointing the finger at a group of people they mostly know nothing about.

In other news, people have been spreading the word about a U.S. led bombing that left 30 people dead at an Afghan wedding. However, any article you search for regarding this occurence comes up with a date of 2002. Interesting that no one knew a thing about it for 11 years though. There was also a post on Instagram that quickly made its way all over Facebook of a young girl who was apparently killed in the bombing yesterday. This little girl was said to be running on behalf of the Sandy Hook Elementary children. Yet the 8-year-old who passed was actually a little boy from Boston and no where in any article does it state that he was running on behalf of anyone. It’s the sick and twisted minds that warp stories that scare the shit out of me in these circumstances. What pleasure does one get reporting propaganda and false information just to pull on people’s heart-strings more during a time of mourning? For more “likes” or “retweets”? Brutal. There was also a huge (7.8) earthquake in Iran yesterday that has already reportedly killed 13 people, but that number is likely to increase over the coming week. Lastly, there was also a series of bombings in Iraq that killed at least 42 people but wounded hundreds. These are thought to be in response to the upcoming elections.

None of these stories are more important than the other. The common denominator is that a lot of people died yesterday, and for the most part, at the hands of other people. Now you have the rest of the world arguing who did what to whom, who’s responsible, how you should be responding, or feeling, and what you should be doing about it. Everyone’s a critic.

Pointing fingers, is pointing fingers. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t guilty of this either. But when these things happen, it’s important to take a step back; take a step back from your reality, your social media, and all media outlets and look at the situation at hand. Conspiracy theorize all you want, until people stop pushing their worldviews and ways of life on others, or invading countries for resources, people will continue to die and the world will continue to complain about it.


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