Two Year Anniversary

WordPress just notified me that it’s my two-year anniversary of blogging. It was two years ago today that I took up a suggestion to start writing a blog instead of ranting on Facebook. It was a really great idea not only because I was always getting myself into a lot of trouble arguing with people on social media, but because it really uncovered my passion for writing. I look back at my old posts and I love being able to witness my own personal transformations as well as my passion shine through these past two years. I like knowing that my stances on important social issues have been unwavering and I’d to think that if anyone were to read my blog in its entirety, they would have a pretty good idea of who I am.

Recently, one of my posts was published on a site, “The Body is Not An Apology”, a website dedicated to radical self-love. I fully support this website’s movement and was really excited to contribute when they made a call for writers. My piece on Slut-Shaming, Feminism and Tattoos was published after writing it almost 2 years ago. Earlier this year, my post on the No Make-Up Selfie got over 10,000 hits and exploded all over social media. I had viewers from all over the world. These accomplishments only solidified my desire to keep writing.

I like to share my own personal struggles with life, regardless of how embarrassing they are. I think the most important thing about sharing your writing is being able to provide a sense of comfort to your readers. Knowing that you aren’t the only one who is faces a specific hurdle or experiences a horrifying event is incredibly reassuring when you’re at a low point. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to google just to make sure other people have felt the same way I do.

There’s also an endless supply of bullshit to keep writing about. As long as there is sexism, racism and discrimination, I’m likely going to keep getting angry and ranting.

Along with blogging, I’ve started writing a book. I’m not looking to become a famous writer or make any monetary gain. I’m looking for the personal satisfaction of investing my time, effort, and passion into a project and seeing it through to completion. I want to create something that is important to me and captures where I am, right now. I have always loved drawing, painting and photography and never considered myself to have a way with words, but I think these past two years have shown me that I was wrong. I love writing and dammit, I’m good at it!



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