Dr. Oz, The Terrible

I accidentally watched half an episode of Dr. Oz last week. I had a couple of days off and turned on the TV after feeling that I should take a break from Netflix. Dr. Oz was on and normally, I would change the channel right away – I’ve never been a fan – but this time, I chose to keep it on to see what bullshit he was spewing that day.

Dr. Oz bugs me. He completely targets women with his show and his claim to fame is shame. He is constantly showcasing topics such as weightless, dieting, anti-aging, and skin care. Whenever he’s talking about a disease, he’s talking about how it affects women. When he’s covering a health issue, it’s always specific to women. Everything that comes out of that guys mouth is telling women viewers how to dress, eat, weigh, look, age, feel, and think.

On this particular episode, his guest was Dr. Ruth. She recently came under scrutiny in the media for stating that laying naked in bed with a man is risky behaviour and that if you don’t want to have sex with a man, you shouldn’t lie next to him. Of course, that goes against pretty much everything I believe in as a woman because regardless of how I dress, even if I’m wearing no clothes at all, I’m not insinuating that I want to have sex with you. Being naked doesn’t equal consent.

So here is Dr. Ruth promoting her new book and although she did have a few good things to say – like women should be more in control and not be afraid to tell a man what she wants and how she wants it, she also said something really idiotic things. She talked about how women get aroused by reading about sex or watching sex on tv. Okay, yes, I agree. But then went on to talk about ’50 Shades of Grey’ and how every woman should read this book because it’s so arousing. Dr. Oz was in complete agreement with this and urged readers to purchase the book.

It’s not surprising to me that underneath that 5 pounds of make-up, Dr. Oz is sexist. Of course he would condone a book that romanticizes violence against women. Of course he would have a woman on his show that has made waves in media headlines around the issue of consent. Of course they would end their segment by ballroom dancing together (that actually happened).

This guy is a complete joke and shouldn’t be allowed on air. Half the bullshit he spews isn’t true and is part of those “get thin quick” or “stop aging now” schemes. He’s been outed for completely contradicting himself and promoting things that don’t work by other physicians, researchers, and scientific bodies, numerous times. He’s a classic example of a machine that solely exists to reinforce inequity and societal stereotypes against women.

So please, if you do watch Dr. Oz, please stop watching immediately and just be okay and happy with how you look and who you are.

Dr. Oz, if you are a real doctor, start talking about health issues that actually matter like heart disease, cancer, and AIDS instead of showing women how much body fat they currently have or zooming in on their wrinkles.


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