B*tches Be Crazy

Women are often labeled as being crazy**. I hear it most often from men describing a woman they used to be in a relationship with (serious or casual). Apparently, we all turn crazy when we no longer are interested in a man, or on the other side of the spectrum, when we remain interested when they are not. I have always hated the way women are labeled this way. It seems like an easy “go-to” to discredit a woman’s emotions, integrity, or self-preservation tactics. I myself have been bestowed this disrespectful label throughout my life from a variety of men and women alike. This is largely based on my opinionated and outspoken nature combined with my young and naïve desire to be liked by others.

In just the month of July there have been numerous news articles describing men who have exhibited predatory methods on women in public spaces and/or exposed themselves. Men think up elaborate (and sometimes not-so elaborate) ways to lure women to them with what I can only assume are not good intentions. They also exhibit bizarre sexual behavior in public. In Assiniboine Park, Manitoba, a man has been purposely leaving a pouch with money (upwards of $5000) spilling out of it. When a female passes by and picks up with pouch, a man appears and questions them. he then takes the pouch and leaves. Sounds harmless, but why is he doing this and for how long will this continue before a potential assault occurs? In Regina, Saskatchewan, women driving their vehicles in remote areas have been targets for egging windshields. When the women pull over, men rush the vehicle and attempt to get inside. Again in Regina, Saskatchewan, police are looking for a peeping-tom who is performing indecent acts in public, residential areas. In Ottawa, Ontario a man is being charged after being caught fornicating with a War Memorial Statue. Are women really the crazy ones?

When is the last time you heard a news story where a woman was caught touching herself sexually in public, luring men with calculated schemes, or sexually assaulting them in public? So let’s stop calling women crazy and start pointing the finger at those who clearly have more questionable behaviours.

**When using the term crazy, I am in no way referring to those who experience mental illness issues.**


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