Pushing 30

In 4 days, I’ll turn 30. I’ve felt a lot of emotions leading up to to this moment. People tend to make a really big deal about turning 30, as if a pinnacle period of your life is over and now real adulthood is here to remind you that your youth is over.

Looking back on my 20’s, I know for a fact that my life is certainly not what I imagined it would be today. Growing up I daydreamed of a solid career, home-ownership, marriage, and children. I thought those things would help me define my own personal success.

Today, I live in a basement suite with my boyfriend, working at a job that doesn’t align with my experience, away from family, and without a child. A far cry from those day dreams of my youth, but I wouldn’t trade what I have now for any of those things. It’s what I’ve learned in my 20’s that helped get me to this point in my life. My 20’s were the decade where I really figured out who I am. I never had such a strong grasp of who I am as a person in my life. Maybe that’s just a natural part of getting older, but I do think that the freedom you have in your 20’s is what helps you explore yourself so much.

As I approach my 30’s, I look forward to all that the next decade will bring. I hope to continue to learn more about myself and become more dedicated to my passions. I have zero hesitations about admitting my age to people when asked. There’s a certain flare to saying, “I’m 30”, as if I’ve earned this new chapter of my life. A chapter that I hope brings me traveling to different countries, moving towards a career that is inspiring, writing more and finally dedicating much needed time to creating the novel I’ve dreamed of, and more.

So, as the next 4 days continue to countdown, I say, bring it on 30’s, I’ve been waiting for you.



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