I began this blog as an outlet to discuss issues that are important to me. My opinions are strong, sarcastic, and always from the left-side. I come from a strong socialist background and believe that knowledge truly is power. I have a passion for humanity, particularly for those who have been disenfranchised or forgotten in our whirlwind society. I am thankful that I’m able to speak my mind so publicly, particularly as a woman. I vow to never to succumb to apathy and always utilize my voice.


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  1. Joanne,

    As a fellow writer I am inspired by your words and the manner in how you articulate. I was moved by your “Cut the Shit” piece and agree with your stance on how much inequality still exists. The joking and making light of such a serious issue needs to stop. I’m glad you shared your words as they make a difference in chipping away at the stigma and apathy that obviously still exists in our society. I know from personal experience how expressing oneself can be so healing and I hope your written expression has helped start the healing process necessary for you to move on and grow.

    Keep in touch,

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  2. Hello writer – I’ve just read your Letter to the Editor and find it, and other posts I’ve now read here, to be eloquent, brave, and powerful. Thank you for speaking out.
    I also note, and support, your choice to be anonymous. However, I see here on your “about” page that someone has mentioned a name for you. With this, and noticing that you’re in Vancouver (at least you were for a march for justice after the horrible Gerald Stanley outcome) it could put your anonymity at risk. I think it’d be wise to remove that mention of your name here, given the weirdness of the internet. (Also v happy to have this comment removed after you read it – I don’t see any other way to contact you, though)


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