Shifting Winds

Life presents us with many different opportunities. One minute I’m boasting about being on track and focusing on something and the next I’m daydreaming about a new adventure. Every single day seems to bring new ideas, change and direction. So it’s no surprise that I’m constantly changing my mind.

Reflecting back on my blogs I see a pattern. I see myself breaking up with my ex and becoming hateful, jaded and bitter towards relationships. I gloat about being single. No doubt I found myself this past year. I needed time to myself. To grow, to learn, to become stable on my own two feet. It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery. But I had a realization last week. I have had myself closed off to good love for a long time. I haven’t been treating myself very well. I have been accepting the love I thought I deserved. For whatever reason, I clearly didn’t value myself much.

I want to be open to new love; new love and good love. I think that being alone is wonderful to reconnect with yourself. But I also think with the right partner, you have the opportunity to become your best version of you as that person brings out the absolute best in you and supports you, wholeheartedly. I think both periods of life are extremely important. But I think being too invested on either side can be detrimental.

Some people have commented on the decisions I have made lately and questioned my feelings. That’s when I start to feel bad about and second guess myself. There are a lot of people out there with some really great and some really not so great experiences that want you to be able to learn from them. Most of these people are your close friends who truly want nothing but the best for you. But it’s so crucial to remember that one person’s journey is not best practice for everyone. What one person took a year to figure out may only take another a few months to figure out. All of us are unique and learn things in different ways and different paces. What works for you may not work for someone else. Sometimes we simply have to swim through the shit before we reach clear waters.


Making the best decisions for you is really all you can do.


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